Playstation PS1 Castlevania E3 Edition

I haven’t had a chance to check with my go to PS1 guy, but from what I understand this disc was an early development version of the title which was released in the US as Castlevania SOTN. Early development titles such as this were run on test consoles by developers and game testers. You need dev or modded hardware to play the game.

I believe that this is the second confirmed copy and the auction states only three were used on the show floor that year. The only other one I know of was sold on eBay in 2007 for $3,750.00.

The game gives two options, Normal and Special. Normal mode starts out at the end of the Bloodlines story but the text is in English while the voices are still in Japanese. I am unsure if this remains throughout the entire game or just for the first cutscene. Special mode starts you off further along with items and relics already as part of your inventory. In either mode dying brings up a different game over screen which instead says “To be continured September 1997”.

Does anyone know if this has been dumped? I assume not, but if so, Apparently the game has been dumped, so I’d definately want some more pictures or background on where the seller got it to make sure this is legit.


castlevania e3 disc playstation ps1

(Thanks Kirk)

Also, I’m starting a cross country (Canada, Newfoundland to Alberta) trip today, so I’ll update again when and If I can find internet access. I may get permanently lost in Quebec, if so, expect all future site updates to be in french.


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