Quadrun R9 Atari 2600 Game

Long ago, the peaceful land of Quad was invaded by cruel Captors who rounded up all the helpless inhabitants and imprisoned them in cages. The Captors called their prisoners “Runts”. And the name has stuck. Now you’ve come to Quad to rescue the Runts and destroy their Captors with your special weapon: phaser balls.

Quadrun was of the four Atari Club games available exclusively via mail order, with possible later distribution later in stores in very limited quantities. AtariAge rates it an R9, making it extremely difficult to find.

According to the original programmer Steve Woita, the game was play-tested by a group of young girls. Unsurprisingly, they found it too difficult. This was part of the reason Atari decided to distribute the game, but not widely.

Aside from the rarity, the game is notable in that it was the first Atari game to feature voice synthesis, and remains one of only two non-homebrew or hacked 2600 games that actually talk (the other is Open Sesame, which was made by Bit Corp).

If you want to buy the game to play (which is possible, the game is far from horrible) you could alway pick it up for for a little bit cheaper on the Xbox/PlayStation 2 collection Atari Anthology, or the Atari Flashback 2.

Oddly enough for an R9, there’s no less than three on eBay at the moment.

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