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Medicom Mega Man X Bearbrick / Kubrick Set

Kubricks are nifty little lego man ish figures produced in very limited numbers, and almost exclusively available overseas for most lines. There’s tons of video games ones that have been produced for franchises such as Metal Gear and Grand Theft Auto.

This is by far my favorite one they have produced to date however – Megaman and Protoman. Check out the pic of the Blue Bomber sans helmet – that’s epic.

Prices are kind of expensive, but not insane considering what out of coin out of print Kubricks tend to fetch if they’re saught after. These were released last month, and there’s a few available on eBay.

[phpbay]megaman kubrick, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

For more Kubricks, including lots of Video Game ones, check out this Medicom Kubrick site.

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