Magical Chase Turbo Grafx Complete

Magical Chase is a scrolling shoot em up developed by Palsoft and released by Quest in 1991 for the PC Engine and in 1993 for the TurboGrafx-16.

It features a witch (Referred to as a “Star Maiden” in the game) flying on a broomstick, along with two anthropomorphic stars, which serve as Gradius-style options.

Magical chase’s was released towards the end of the TurboGrafx/Turbo Duo lifespan, which has made game very rare and hard to find. The fact it was only readily available though mail order from Turbo Zone Direct doesn’t help either.

Unlike many games of equal rarity and price, it’s a pretty awesome game. Check out the quick gameplay video below.

I can’t remember the price that the last one went for, but this one is already at $1,000.00 with three days to go. Basically, it’s one of the grails for a TG16 collector.


Seller is the original owner too, something you don’t see all that often.


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