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    Hideo Kojima Autograph Signing Poster

    Rare poster from the event ph3ared posted last week. Even if attendees could easily grab one of these, numbers are still going to be pretty limited. Link Thanks arakias! Not surprisnly, there are several signed items starting to show up as well. [phpbay]Hideo KOJIMA signed, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay] More

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    Lifesize Bioshock Little Sister Statue

    I think we’ve plugged this before, either that or something by the same seller. His room looks very familiar. Either way, they have a life size Bioshock Little Sister statue up for grabs. She’s even shown next to a life size Big Daddy statue (not for sale) which makes the auction all the more awesome. […] More

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    Medicom Mega Man X Bearbrick / Kubrick Set

    Kubricks are nifty little lego man ish figures produced in very limited numbers, and almost exclusively available overseas for most lines. There’s tons of video games ones that have been produced for franchises such as Metal Gear and Grand Theft Auto. This is by far my favorite one they have produced to date however – […] More

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    Nintendo Go Yoshi Super Mario Skateboard

    I know several people have been looking for one of these skateboards in the past. it’s a very cool item, but not something I would want to pay this much for. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL NINTENDO "GO YOSHI" SUPER MARIO WORLD SKATEBOARD. DATED 1994 AND STILL IN THE FACTORY WRAPPER. BOARD IS 28 3/4"long AND […] More

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    Nintendo Playing Cards & More

    Baby Mario Nintendo Playing Cards   Nintendo Super Mario 3 Rubber Figurines German seller kr155e has some nice Virtual Boy rarities for sale. Highlights include including VB Playing Cards (of which a similar set recently sold for $224) and FlashBoy (Flash Cart). I’ve been told the seller also has has SD Gundam Dimension War and […] More

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    Vintage Playball Allwin Deluxe Penny Arcade Game

    No, not Gabe and Tyco Penny Arcade. We’re talking a vintage, early 20th century mechanical Penny Arcade Machine game. The game works by putting two pennies in the machine then flipping and lever to shot the metal ball around a series of tracks and landing in a section either winning or losing. When you win, […] More