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    Lifesize Bioshock Little Sister Statue

    I think we’ve plugged this before, either that or something by the same seller. His room looks very familiar. Either way, they have a life size Bioshock Little Sister statue up for grabs. She’s even shown next to a life size Big Daddy statue (not for sale) which makes the auction all the more awesome. […] More

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    Nintendo Go Yoshi Super Mario Skateboard

    I know several people have been looking for one of these skateboards in the past. it’s a very cool item, but not something I would want to pay this much for. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL NINTENDO "GO YOSHI" SUPER MARIO WORLD SKATEBOARD. DATED 1994 AND STILL IN THE FACTORY WRAPPER. BOARD IS 28 3/4"long AND […] More

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    Nintendo Playing Cards & More

    Baby Mario Nintendo Playing Cards   Nintendo Super Mario 3 Rubber Figurines German seller kr155e has some nice Virtual Boy rarities for sale. Highlights include including VB Playing Cards (of which a similar set recently sold for $224) and FlashBoy (Flash Cart). I’ve been told the seller also has has SD Gundam Dimension War and […] More