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Official PlayStation Specifications and Procedures BinderI believe Nicola may have mentioned one or two of these earlier, but I felt I should go over them in more detail.

The owner of the Playstation Museum has a few items up once again.

Most importantly, is this PlayStation Specifications & Procedures Binder.

This is a huge SCE Specifications & Procedures binder that includes a CD full of templates and forms. The seller thinks the CD is in Apple format and never took time to see what’s on it.  This does contain private and confidential information and even includes graphical icons for the never released PlayStation modem and keyboard adapter (which proves that Sony was ready to launch Internet on the PSX). 

Not even remotely cheap, but ridiculously awesome and no doubt an extraordinary item to have in your collection.

The other interesting auction is for a Lot of 4 PlayStation Development Magnetic Tapes.

These rare tapes were obtained from a publisher that went bankrupt years ago.  I have never used them to find out what’s on them, but it could be interesting developer stuff.  I am including a magnetic tape drive (SyQuest) with the auction.  I never found a SCSI cable to the SyQuest drive but maybe the buyer of this auction will have luck.  Two of the tapes have Fantastic Four written on them (Fantastic Four was a PSone game developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim).  This could be a collectors’ dream treasure chest.

SyQuest went out of business years ago, but finding a cable shouldn’t be too hard with eBay involved. This one is pretty cheap at the moment ($41.00) and is another great unique item. Could be some crazy unreleased game on there as well, who knows?


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