Rare Vintage Nintendo Video Games and Toys

eBay seller donkey*kong has quite a collection of Vintage Nintendo items up for sale at the moment. By vintage, I don’t mean NES – we’re talking old school Electronic Toys and TV Games

Rare Vintage Nintendo Video Games and Toys

The main highlight is the Nintendo Computer TV Game CGT-HC10

From the auction:

Most rare vintage Nintendo item – 1st time on eBay?

Well, here it is. A console so rare, that it is missing from most overviews of Nintendo’s video game past. In 1980 Nintendo released a home version of its Othello arcade game, at a time when the electronics required were almost too advanced for a home release. But they still did it. A very high retail price of 48.000 yen was one the reasons these were sold, and manufactured, in very low quantities. This console is almost impossible to find in Japan, let alone outside Japan.

The box shows some wear, but the system itself is in damn fine condition.


Nintendo Computer TV Game CGT-HC10 - Ultra Rare Vintage

There’s also the Nintendo Love Tester.

A 1969 hand held toy by A Gunpei Yokoi (father of Game and Watch and Gameboy). A Needle indicates “love” between two people holding the metal spheres.

Nintendo Vintage Toy - Love Tester - 1969 - Gunpei Yokoi

There are a ton of other cool items as well. From Toys, Light Gun Games and more. I’ll probably mention a few more in detail as the auctions progress, but in the meantime check out the sellers other items.

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