Resident Evil 4 Leon Kennedy COLOGNE

resident evil leon kenedy cologone Some products should just never be made. Case in point, Resident Evil Cologne. A series bases on Zombies is not the first one I think a scent should be based on, but hey, who am I to argue.

Selling here is a brand new Leon Kennedy Cologne from Resident Evil 4. It is an official CAPCOM Biohazard product. After the release of Resident Evil 4, Capcom used a bunch of famous designers in Japan to come up with something for the “Leon’s Collection” which was an assemble of merchandise designed specifically for Leon Kennedy and included clothing, jewellery, accessories and hygene kits. This is a very rare item and it was imported in Japan. These were made in limited numbers. The bottle is made too look like the T-Virus, pretty neat! It is a 50ML bottle. I have not sprayed it so I can’t tell you how it smells. There is not box that comes with this cologne.



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