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box_noshadow The Game Collector is a desktop based software program to tack your video game collection. The company has been around for a long time and I actually used the program many years ago. I’ve been trying it out again before I made this post though and boy, is it a useful and advanced program.

There are lots of online based solutions for tracking your collection, and many of them are free as well. However,I’ve never come across a program (free or paid) that offers the sheer amount of options, data and customization that is possible with the Game Collector.

At first glance it seems weighted to newer releases, but support for nearly every console is included by default and you can even add new systems if you happen to be collecting the truly obscure.


You can do all of the basic tracking and sorting you would expect with any program. Then you can get more in depth by customizing every imaginable detail. Then generate graphs, track games that are on loan, search and display data based on a very extensive searching system and then export data to just about every file format imaginable.


It’s really worth your time to check out the features page. You can also download a demo version to play with to check out out for yourself.

Anyway, they’ll be hooking us up with a license to give away next week.

They also have versions of their software custom tailed for Music, Movies, Books, Comics, Mp3s and Photos. If you have a big tome collection of either of those and would like to get more organized, than you should definitely check them out.



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