Resident Evil Anti Virus kit, Sinistar proto for 2600

Sinistar Prototype ATARI 2600 ?

AFAIK the ROM for this game has been dumped. And the label is a bit…well, I can’t judge this auction. For sure you should first ask to be sure it’s not a repro. If it’s real, the BIN isn’t that bad at all!

Residend Evil OUTBreak Promo Anti Virus Kit

Another interesting BIN!! I would have used the BIN…but I’m not an RE collector.

Nintendo Gameboy Pocket big display model

I usually don’t post promo CDs, but this seller has a great selection of PlayStation promo games.

Other stuff:
Matchbox Super Rigs – Mario 64 – not that rare, but every time I discover something I didn’t know at all, I must share the fun!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas E3 Promo Basketball
StarFox Super Weekend
3DO Demo Disc Program Binder & Games Store Display – relisted?

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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