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First Ever Retro Tomb Raider Action Figure and Other Rare Items

Hey, guys. My name is Joe (my handle is PhilaZilla). As a new guest writer on GameSniped, I’m excited to join a community of video game culture enthusiasts! As a gamer in my mid 30’s I’ve been playing video games pretty much since the advent of home consoles. The first video game system I owned was the infamous Atari 2600, the system with games that no one could beat! I then was able to grow up with all of the major players: Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and Xbox. Looking on games today it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. And while I’m amazed at the technical abilities that the home consoles offer I still have a special place in my heart for those great old school games; the simplicity coupled with great gameplay mechanics are truly timeless. So while I celebrate the present and future outlook for video gaming I won’t forget the forerunners in which all current gaming is built on!

Below I’ve put together a list of rare video game memorabilia, games, and merchandise. This list includes a cool vintage Atari Belt buckle and a Final Fantasy poster with some beautiful artwork along with a super rare vintage Tomb Raider Action Figure (the first one ever in fact). The one item that I would personally love to have on this list is the Star Wars Arcade unit. While I don’t know if this is considered “vintage,” (it was released in the late 90’s) it draws on the desire that I had as a kid to relive the great moments from the original Star Wars films through a great video game experience. Check out the other items on the list for cool and rare items.

  • Tomb Raider Video Game Action Figure Circa 1996 unopened: With the resurgence of Lara Croft thanks to the highly acclaimed video game reboot, this homage to the original is a true collectible. This figure is 6″ tall and is still sealed in the original packaging. Item ships from Motherwell, United Kingdom. For shipping costs contact the dealer. Buy it now price is approximately $53.91.
  • Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Unit: Just in time for the new Star Wars film to be released this winter! This full arcade unit is a large display but it packs a lot of content based on the original Star Wars Trilogy. Shipping rates vary between $200-$500 depending on your location. The item ships out of Milford, Connecticut and there is a $150.00 crating fee that applies to the machine. The machine is in great condition and it is rare to find one for sale. The buy it now price is $1,995.00. Tell me that you never wanted to be in the cockpit of an X-Wing destroying the Death Star.
  • Panzer Dragoon Set:┬áThe shipping is free and ships from Rocklin, California. The set includes Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon Saga both in the original case with manuals. Panzer Dragoon II is also included but it is the game disc ONLY! The seller claims that all games function properly. The buy it now price for the set is $450.00. An example of a great game that had the misfortune of coming out on a doomed system, the Sega Saturn. While the game can now be found on the Playstation Network this original copy is a rare find.
  • Nintendo Power Magazine Issue #1: Ships free in the United States and ships out of Belleville, Michigan. This is a truly rare item and a piece of video gaming history. This first issue is in excellent condition and includes the Zelda poster intact. The buy it now price is listed at $87.99 for a used copy and $199.99 for a sealed mag.
  • 70’s Coleco Telstar Arcade Console: This is a fairly large unit that has a steering wheel, paddle controllers, and pistol to play the included games. Shipping is $24.00 and ships out of Murrieta, California. The item is used but it comes with all included hardware, manuals, and all of the decal stickers are still intact. The buy it now price is $219.99. This is an interesting item that any collector of home consoles would love.
  • Rare Atari Belt Buckle 1981: This belt buckle is 2 inches in diameter. Shipping is free and ships out of Littleton, Colorado. The item is in used condition but the Atari logo and coloring is all in satisfactory condition. There is no belt included. Buy it now price is $49.95. Pay homage to the original name in video gaming.
  • Rare Copyright Atari Asteroids Poster 1979: Poster measures 16″ x 24″ and is in used condition. There are no rips or tears but there are creases from folding. The image itself is in great condition. Shipping is free and ships out of Menahga, Minnesota. Buy it now price is $49.99. While younger gamers may not remember this game it was a staple in arcades around the country at one time.
  • RARE Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack Promo Poster Japan: Poster measures 20″ x 29″. Used condition (slight discoloration) but the poster is rolled up, so there are no creases. The artwork is stunning. Shipping is free and it ships from Potomac, Maryland. Buy it now price is $349.99.
  • 2008 Fallout 3 Vault Boy Puppet: The perfect item in lieu of the much anticipated release of Fallout 4 later this year. Item is used but in excellent condition. Shipping is $7.55 and ships out of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Buy it now price is listed at $269.00.
  • Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Rare Promo Poster: Large poster that measures 36″ x 26″. This is an official Konami display. Shipping is $19.90 and ships out of New Castle, Pennsylvania. In good condition but has a slight case. Great for fans of the Metal Gear series and would be a great gift to accompany the Phantom Pain game that was just released. Buy it now price is listed at $49.99.


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