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Update: Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Review Coming Soon!

Hey, guys. I’m back with a quick update here. Did you enjoy reading Joe’s latest article? If so, good. Look forward to plenty more in the future! I also wanted to tell you guys that I’ll be putting the official GameSniped review for Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain up here very soon. So, keep an eye out for that!

Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Review
Source: Flickr
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (11) by Videogame Photography

Have any of you played the newest MGS? I definitely feel the expansiveness of this iteration makes up for the short introductory game, Ground Zeroes. You can check out our official GameSniped review for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes here. I felt like the mechanics were solid but the game left me wanting more. I couldn’t justify its price tag compared to its frustratingly short campaign mode. The good news is that Phantom Pain has, so far, been more of the same. Much, much more of the same! So far, that’s a very good thing. If you pair Phantom Pain up with Ground Zeroes, the $70 to $80ish price tag is money well spent considering the gaming goodness in store here.

There’s an update from the manufacturers of the Retro VGS. The kickstart campaign should start very soon. Any day now. The manufacturers announced that they will produce cartridge adapters to play classic and homebrew games for the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, and NES. They may be able to play additional systems in the future as well. You can check out our entire overview on the Retro VGS vintage video game console here.

The Complete NES kickstart project (which you can check out here) reached complete funding at the end of July. If you didn’t donate to the project, you can still nab a copy of the book ($30 for black and white softcover and $70 for full color hardcover) here.

I’ve decided to dig up the best MGS gaming merchandise on Ebay in preparation for the new Phantom Pain review. Enjoy! And, don’t forget to tell us what you think of the new game in the comments section below!

  • Metal Gear Solid Fox T-Shirt – Shirts are brand new and printed on order. Sizes vary from Small to 3xl. Classic fox profile icon on black t shirt. BIN is $15.79
  • Metal Gear Solid Fox Hound Special Forces T-Shirt – Pretty much same as above. Price is the same. This is the other classic fox hound icon (fox with combat knife in its mouth).
  • Konami EU Promo Booklet – Rare promo book with Information about Silent Hill 3 / Metal Gear Solid with official merchandise from Komani Europe. BIN is $99.99 Book is in German and all the post cards are intact in book.
  • METAL GEAR SOLID 2 Sons Of Liberty PROMO AD – A whopping 4 page ad in mint condition. Only one on Ebay at the moment. BIN is $12.
  • Metal Gear Solid Fox Hound Limited Pendant – Metal Gear Solid Fox Hound limited edition pendant. As far as I can tell, collectorstuff10 has this on lock and is the only one selling it. BIN is $16.99 He sells other video game inspired jewelry like Resi Evil 4 chainsaw earrings. Cool stuff!
  • Metal Gear Solid rare promo short Lanyard – Rare stuff! Promotional item for the 4th game, Guns of the Patriots. BIN is $39.99.
  • OMEGA Metal Gear Solid Golden Foil Promo Poster 1998 – Super rare poster from the original PSX game. Near mint condition. Original from Konami’s Japanese offices. According to seller, most Japanese companies would destroy posters following use. This is an original, promotion only, surviving foil poster. Super rare stuff and the price reflects this: $1,599.99
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 Konami Figure Collection – 15 set collection of MGS 2 action figures. Brand new and unopened. The figures themselves aren’t rare (though most of them come from Japan/Hong Kong). However, this auction is for the complete box set with 15 figures. Figures include normal colors, a “Silver” variant for each normal one, and a secret bonus figure. This box includes the following: Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Hal Emmerich, Olga, Metal Gear Ray, Gurlukovich Solider, Raiden, and bonus (secret figure) Raiden in gas mask! Bidding is currently at just $10. Keep in mind, bidding ends tomorrow. Generally, these boxes sell well over $100.
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain Collectors Edition ARM – the rare collector’s items continue with the newest iteration. This mechanical arm comes from the Phantom Pain collector’s edition. They aren’t super rare right now since the game just released in the beginning of this month. But, that will probably change in the next few years. Scoop one up between $40 to $100.

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