Run Your Own Your Game Magazine

Hardcore Gamer Magazine Want your own video game magazine and have all the big game companies beg you to cover their latest games before they’re released? Want to be wined and dined by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Rockstar, Capcom, and Konami, to name a few? Want to have your editors flown on all expenses paid press junkets to Japan, the UK and all across the US? Want exclusive-access passes to attend closed, industry-only trade shows, like E3 and GDC? Good luck with that if you’re starting from scratch. We’ve already got what takes years to build right now and it could be yours now instantly.

Yup, this is a new one for gameSniped, an actually fully established video game magazine business – Hardcore Gaming. Now, I’d personally want to see the revenue figures before bidding, but I’m sure the $42,000 opening bid is well worth it.

For your money you get copyrights, registered trademark rights, intellectual property rights, back issues, subscription lists, customer lists, vendor lists, employee contracts, distribution contacts, public relations contacts, advertising contacts, web sites and domain names associated with Hardcore Gamer.

If nothing else it might be a good way to get protos.


Thanks Tim!


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