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Sealed Factory Cases Galore

Case of Six Game Boy Super Mario Land Games

Nintendo Game Boy Case of 6 SUPER MARIO LAND SEALED NEW

Atari 7800 Sealed Ballblazer Case

This is the first case of 7800 games I have seen since my case obsession started. $60.00 BIN is extraordinarily cheap too.

Atari 7800 Sealed Ballblazer Catridges - Full Case

Final Fantasy Anthology Playstation 1 Case

Another first here, this time for the PS1. Not quite so cheap though, at $400.

Final Fantasy Anthology Playstation 1 2 BRAND NEW CASE

Final Fantasy V Super Famicom Case

I know, I promised I would never mention this one again as it has been around for ages and mentioned here multiple times. But it is a half moldy Super Famicom Case! Woo!

Final Fantasy V 5 Five New Case Nintendo Japan FFV RARE

While we`re talking about sealed games, eBay seller rarebucky has an absolute ton listed. From PSX, NES, Game Boy, Genesis and tons more. Definitely worth a look as there a gems galore listed. Far from cheap, but not the most overpriced sealed games I`ve seen – not by a longshot. Even better, it`s all Or best Offer.


Music Machine for the Atari 2600 (CTCW)

Rating 10 out of 10 for rarity, this game was only sold in religious bookstores. It’s based on a line of The Music Machine products that also included LP’s sold by Sparrow. Some collectors claim to have purchased the 2600 game in a bundle with the album, but that has never been proven. Sold for $300.00.

atari 2600 music machine


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