Is there any need for console-based casino games?

The gambling industry continues to thrive in the 21st Century as billions of dollars are spent every year by punters who strive to win considerable amounts of money and hit the big jackpots. We live in a world where a bet can be placed on anything, although the casino and sports betting markets remain the most popular avenues for gamblers Traditional land-based casinos and bookmakers will always remain a mecca for avid gamblers who revel in the drama, excitement and tension generated by placing a bet on a particular sporting outcome or any slot, table or card game.

The emergence of online gambling operators have revolutionised the industry as the internet not only continues to provide a platform for more casinos and betting companies to be formed, but also allow punters to gamble in a more convenient and efficient manner. Casino games have also seen a considerable increase in popularity as poker, blackjack and roulette gaming apps can be downloaded onto mobile phone handsets for people to enjoy playing wherever they are.

Console gaming

With gamblers now able to place bets at the single touch of a button or click of a mouse, it remains to be seen whether casino games will ever enjoy similar success on a console. Game developers have managed to replicate the experience of playing in a casino via high quality graphics and sounds. More importantly, casino-based console games have managed to integrate smooth gameplay physics that functions exactly the same way as playing any slot, table or card game at the casino.

Although there have only been a few titles released on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, casino-based console games have generally been well received within the gaming community. The World Series of Poker: Full House is the most recent example of a poker game made available as a free download on the Xbox 360 which allows gamers to play heads up or tournaments against the computer or other players online. It provides user-friendly controls to carry out every regular action at the table, whether it is calling, raising, folding or going all-in. The game also carries an interactive element as gamers can customise their character through in-game purchases that can be bought using real money, although the value of money used to place bets is not real. This is arguably the greatest downfall of casino-based console games as they can only be played using fake money – an option that is already utilised by a number of online casinos for members to learn how to play, or scrub up on their skills and strategies to be more effective when real money is involved.

The future of console-based casino games

While casino games released on console are generally well received and generate a reputable volume of gamers to play them, they will always be eclipsed by the ever-growing popularity of online casinos and gaming apps. Both allow users to play for free which takes away the only unique point that console game provide; it remains to be seen whether console game developers can incorporate a system into casino titles that allow gamers to deposit and play using real money. Casino console games do have a purpose and a place on the market as they allow gamers to enjoy the fun aspect of playing poker. Although slot machines and blackjack have only been managed to be incorporated as mini games within titles such as Fallout: New Vegas and Red Dead Redemption, playing for fun is arguably as enjoyable and entertaining as using real money online. Casino-based console games will never reach the same heights as playing on an online casino or gaming app, but efforts should be made to integrate poker and other casino games onto next generation consoles.



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