Sega Dreamcast Trial Set

This is a rare Japanese Dreamcast that comes in an awesome looking case. I’ve seen these before never known the history. According to the seller, for a limited time you could go to a game shop and rent these consoles, but a lawsuit by Sega quickly shut them down. Most were disposed of but from time to time you see one available for sale.

It also include the bizzare “What’s Shemune?”. A demo / pre order bonus where you control Ryo in a mini adventure to find the ex Head Managing Director of Sega, Yukawa Senmu. In the end Ryo catches up with Yukawa to confront him about Shenmue and then suddenly it ends with Yukawa in his Sega office waking up from a dream.

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Set of 3 Atari Jaguar Development Software PC Installation 3 ½” floppy discs – These discs are original direct out of Atari Head Quarters from 1994.
Alien VS. Predator Atari Jaguar Development Cartridge – Dated 09/09/94.
Faceball 2000 and F-Zone Game Boy Prototypes – Game Boy prototypes are awesome if you just want to add a random proto to your collection, but are on a budget. They were the first type I ever owned, and are easy to get for under $100 or less. Case in point these have no bids at $50.00 and end tomorrow.
Mortal Kombat Trophy Slammer 1990s Midway Promo – Buy this and be ready for when Pog makes a comeback. It will happen.
GBA SP Kiosk Display – Cheap, but the reserve is unbroken.
Zelda Zant Exclusive 1/4 Scale Statue – This is a 1/4 scale “Master Arts” exclusive statue of the character Zant from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. It was manufactured by First Figures, with quality assurance by Nintendo. There were only 250 made worldwide in this version, and this is number 135. Zant is lame though.
Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl – This was an Australian pre order bonus for the recent Dreamcast Collection release. The Vinyl is a very limited pressing and is individually numbered, it contains five classic tracks from Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5 Part 2, and Crazy Taxi. The sleeve is designed to look like the white Dreamcast console, only blue – as that was the color scheme for the European territories.
Vintage Pac Man TV Tray – Best way to eat in your game room.

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