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Sega Genesis Maximum Carnage Box Set

I meant to plug this one before it ended, and as far as I’m concerned – it went pretty cheap. People usually throw around a value of $150.00 or so on it, but I haven’t seen one sell for so long that it’s hard to say.

Apparently, this set was sold on QVC home shopping TV channel and limited to 5,000 copies. Included in the accompanying comic book are the first few issues of the Spiderman comic where Maximum Carnage was introduced.

The seller says it best himself:

This uber rare gift set includes:

A SEALED copy of Maximum Carnage for Sega Genesis with the special limited edition RED cartridge
A Red Leather bound TPB collecting The Amazing Spider-Man # 361, 362, and 363 the first appearance of CARNAGE!
3 beautiful metal pins featuring Spider-Man, Venom, and a GOLD Carnage pin!
…and a certificate of authenticity from Marvel

Looks like this one probably went to a Spiderman comic collector.


Spider-Man Maximum Carnage sega genesis Box Set

Thanks Paul


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