Sega Sonic Speed Challenge Framed Award

A very special piece of Sega Dreamcast History – Sonic Speed Challenge framed gold Sonic Adventure disc award presented by Reebok to the CEO of Sega Europe at the time for the success of the Speed Challenge project.

The Sega challenge which promoted Reebok Shoes was a contest for European Dreamcast players to download a specially-designed Emerald Coast course from the Sonic Advenure website. In the special course, players were required to collect five pairs of Reebok DMX shoes which Dr. Robotnik had stolen from Sonic’s closet. The contest took place Dec 1999 – Jan 2000 and proved to be a very successful promotion for Reebok with 3500 players participating.

The glazed metal framed award consists of a printed metal plaque and gold coloured Sonic Adventure Dreamcast disc mounted on a blue background.

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