SEGA VIP Pass to 1996 Sega World Press Night

This is far from a pricey item, but I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a neat looking SEGA VIP pass to Sega world press night in London – 08 / 09 / 96.

Sega World you ask? There have been seven internationally, but in this case it was a massive Official SEGA arcade above the Trocadero in London.

The arcade was launched at the height of Sonic’s popularity on September 7, 1996 featuring a number of indoor rides, arcade machines and a SEGA merchandise shop. It was heavily promoted in the UK’s Sonic the Comic, and on the ground outside the location. Apparently it never turned a profit and was eventually closed, taken over by a new management and renamed to a more generic “Funland”. The awesome elevator seen in the video below still remained up until 2002.

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