Tandy Memorex Visual Information System (VIS)

Never heard of it? Good. This console is bad – bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. It`s rare though, with estimates at only 11,000 units actually being sold.

Back in the 90`s everyone under the sun wanted to cash in and launch a game console. You had the Philips CD-I, the Panasonic 3DO and the Pioneer LaserActive to name a few.

Tandy decided to throw their hat into the ring and came up with the Video Information System (VIS), kind of a CD-i clone, except worse.

The hardware was also very underpowered, the VIS ran on a 286 CPU loaded with a special version of Windows 3.1 that was outdated even at the time.

Its only redeeming feature is that it did have a pretty snazzy looking wireless controller.

Check out the horrible promo video below. Side note, I just watched the full nine minutes of this with my four year old son. Now he wants a VIS. *sigh*


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