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Shinji Mikami Autograph Resident Evil Games Collection

Big shout out to Gamesniped reader, Leland, for calling our attention to this new listing on eBay for this incredible collection of Resident Evil games autographed by the original series creator, Shinji Mikami!

This is a serious piece of gaming history right here! Leland typically resells items on the ‘bay. But, these are from his personal collection.

According to the listing, this collection was obtained from the former director of public relationsĀ from Capcom. This ebay user is the second owner of the collection (the original, of course, being the aforementioned Capcom director). So, the games are in excellent shape despite being opened from the plastic wrapper.

The listing also includes a letter of authenticationĀ corroborating that the items were autographed by Shinji Mikami at the Japanese Capcom Headquarters in Osaka on August 22, 2000. Mikami signed his autograph on the games’ covers in gold/silver marker in English.

Check out the pictures below and listing here if you’re interested. Keep in mind, these sort of listings are once in a lifetime, ULTRA rare. BIN is set at $7,000 with the option to make an offer. Shipping is free and ebay user is located in California.

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