Bioshock’s Big Daddy: The Action Figure!

A lot of people were pretty disappointed with the Big Daddy figure available with the Limited Edition version of the game. Like most LE or preorder bonuses these days, it was far from quality.

Next month though, you’ll be able to get a snazzy new Big Daddy action figure.

Big Daddy is hard to miss, and this Big Daddy Ultra Deluxe Action Figure from the massively successful video game BioShock is one collectible you won’t want to miss! Big Daddy features loads of articulation, removable tanks, and his deadly drill arm. He comes in clamshell packaging, but don’t let that fool you. The size of this mammoth figure has to be seen to be believed!

Preorders are available at Entertainment Earth and will ship in November.

I’ve already ordered one as I’m a sucker for video game action figures.

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