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Insane Intellivision Collection

Regratably, I just noticed these as they were ending. However, it’s pretty interesting to browse through this users completed auctions.

Highlights include:

Keyboard Component and Basic Cartridge

This auction is for the Holy Grail of Intellivision collecting: the famous Keyboard Component unit. According to the Blue Sky Rangers, the original programmers from Mattel, only 4,000 units were released in test markets, and the units were later recalled. So very few survive today – I’ve only seen a handful in over 20 years of collecting. It’s even harder to find one in the box, as is this unit.

Sold for $5,000.00

Orphan Overlays Series 3 SEALED

In this set there are 104 high-quality overlays covering all 37 of the “orphan” Intellivision games (those originally released without overlays) plus 13 other games. There are two overlays for each game, with the exception of “Triple Challenge” which comes with six overlays, to cover its three different games. See for complete game list. This is the complete set in its original box, still sealed. Series 3 is even higher quality than Series 2, and includes extra games! Limited edition of 100 were made – it is now discontinued. This is set #51.

Sold for $500.00

Compro Videoplexer

This is the ultra-rare Compro Videoplexer for Intellivision. Allows eight cartridges to be plugged in simultaneously and selected by a keypad. One of the holy grails of Intellivision collecting.

Sold For $1000.00

Videoplexer by Compro for Intellivision

Six Activision High Score Patches

This auction is for six (6) Activision high-score patches. Available only by mail from Activision upon returning a photograph of your TV screen showing achievement of a certain high-score. These are all the Intellivision versions.

* Pitfall Explorer’s Club
* Stampede Trail Drive
* Worm Whompers
* Happy Trails Trailblazers
* Beamriders
* River Raiders

Sold For $225.00

Intellivision - 6 Activision high-score patches

All in all, lots of cool items were available and lots of them fetched very nice prices. See them all here.


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