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Sierra On-Line Systems Ken & Roberta Wine Bottle

This is probably one of the most unique items I have featured all year. While it’s not going to sell for thousands, it’s going to make a truly unique addition to someone’s collection.

You’ve probably played a Sierra game, especially if you’re a fan of vintage PC gaming. Sierra Entertainment Inc. (formerly Sierra On-Line) was an American game developer and publisher founded in 1979 as On-Line Systems by Ken and Roberta Williams.

They are best known for its multiple lines of graphic adventure games started in the 1980s, but their development section was spun off as Yosemite Entertainment and originally killed off in 1999, but it was later bought by Codemasters.

As a publishing house, Sierra was still in business up to 2008. Parent company Vivendi Games merged Activision to form the Activision Blizzard holding company. Vivendi Games ceased to exist and ownership of Sierra was transferred over. Later that year, Sierra was closed down for possible future sale.

Enough of a History lesson. This Wine Bottle is apparently from a personal party in Ken and Roberta’s house back in the 80’s. They ordered this personal label to celebrate the success of their new line of hi-res adventures. It’s a California Chenin Blanc of 1982 vintage with the Seierra logo on the label. It’s also has some text which I can’t totally make out, but it looks to be “Taste The Experience From Sierra Online”. Seller says Ken ordered two bottles (seems low), one which was consumed and then this was given to an early employee.

Now, there is nothing to prove the heritage of this bottle, unless you take a look at the sellers other auctions. Seems to be a former employee or one who acquired a bunch of materials from one. Also the account name is jeffcowe. Jeff Cowe was an artist / animator for Sierra from August 1988 – April 1993

From his resume:

Responsible for creating video captures of actors and converting their actions into animation strips. For the revised version of the game “Kings Quest,” I was given complete responsibility for redesigning and animating all characters of the game. My work saved the company the need to hire extra animators for the project.

Auction Here


As mentioned, the seller has a ton of other Sierra stuff. A couple things I already mentioned this week, but I only just noticed the works of it. Ultima is the obvious auction of interest, but there is some stuff which is super interesting.

The Artist, Professional Graphic & Annimation System For Apple Computers – Programmers by Warren Schwader and Ken Williams. Not sure if this was a developer tool, or just commercial design software that later evolved into Sierra Print Artist. Floppys are tested and works. The nice leather portfolio is killer.

Sierra Dealer Support Program Binder – Description of all products, prices, etc.

EcoQuest The Search for Cetus Signed Color Painting – Screen #140 from the 1992 game. Original watercolour signed by the artist.

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