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Snazzy Shirts & Rare Games

I have a few things in my watch list I need to clear out, so today is a Nicola Style post.

Limited Edition Snow White Playstation 2

Only 5,000 of this color made for the US/Canada; painted with automotive-quality paint and a high gloss finish; brand new, and factory sealed. Very cheap with 16 hours to go.


The Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak NES Game

Price for this game is still rising.

Original Nintendo NES Lot 70 Games Mega Man Hotman

I was thinking of picking this lot up myself. Includes some nice $ games as well as a few repos.

Frog Feast for Atari Jaguar

Limited edition numbered homebrew.

Vectrex Multi-Cart version 2.0

The official Vectrex Multi-Cart version 2.0, designed by Sean Kelly. It includes 60 Vectrex games, all full versions. Jay Smith, the former owner of GCE and the current copyright holder of all the Vectrex games has consented with the production of this multi-cart. The game cartridge is encased in an original GCE Vectrex cartridge casing, with a colorful Vectrex style label. This cartridge runs a menu interface to select each game from.

Awesome NES & SNES Sprite Shirts

Amazing Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and more Tees.


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