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Sonic The Hedgehog On The SNES

While seeing Sonic and Tails on a Nintendo console these days is the norm, it was a little more unexpected back in the Super Nintendo days.

These are obviously pirated rom hacks, but they show what may have happened if Sega called the console market quits after the Master System.

sonic the hedgehog 4 snes cart sonic the hedgehog 4 super nintendo

The two games available are most likely the same hack of Speedy Gonzales,  just with different label variations. Here’s a gameplay video I managed to find on YouTube. It looks pretty decent, but does apparently have a number of glitches.

If pirated games are you thing (and they should be), the same seller also has a two other Super Nintendo games. Pokemon and Tekken. Yes, you read that right. Pokemon and Tekken.

pokemon snes cart super nintendo tekken 2 snes cart super nintendo

All four games here.

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