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Sony CDW-900E Burner

This CD burner is one of Sony’s top of the line. Since these were used for cd mastering, the initial cost is somewhere around $8,000 (back in the day). It’s also used for Playstation Development. It’s been featured here before by Nicola. One of the sellers selling these on ebay explains it detail:

Sony CDW-900E CD Master Recorder which works well with any Sonic Solutions “Classic” system, or with Sony Playstation Development.. CD burners which work with the Sonic Solutions “Classic” CD mastering and restoration system are very hard to come by. This one was pulled from a working environment and tested prior to listing here. When new, this burner sold for between $7,000 and $8,000 and was Sony’s very top of the line. If you are running a Sonic Solutions (also known as Sonic Studio) “Classic” system and only have one CD burner, you will likely be out of luck when that CD burner goes. This one fits into Sonic’s SCSI stream perfectly. Finding one in this clean and operating condition is nearly impossible.

The prices on these 2 listings are pretty high. But there were 2 of them sold by the same seller for around $60 each. Here’s a site that has a bunch of detailed pictures.

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