Space Hulk Playstation 1 Long Box

Unless something has changed over the past few years, The existing theory (and debate) is that this box is a display promo box.

I cite one of the PSX gurus Dangerboy as to the reasons that this is believed to be a promo box, as opposed to an offical release.

1. Space Hulk has a release date of September 5th, 1996. Tecmo World Golf, the last true proven Long Box, was released on shelfs July 10th, 1996. Almost 2 months difference between them.

2. There are 15 regular jewel case games that are released inbetween the two of them. Why would they release a long box after so many jewel cases?

3. There has only been only been one confirmed long box sighting, and that was the auction we know about, except it was without a manual.

4. Both Stu (Referring to PapaStu, one of the other go to PSX collectors) and I have Lunar boxes that are the exact retail release, sans barcode. I’ve seen 3rd Party N64 display boxes that looked 100% like the real deal, but with the POP barcode, not the game barcode. We need a scan of that auction long box, so I can run the barcode through the work PC and see if it rings up. Even then, it could still be just a display.

5. EA re-released several of their long box games as double jewel cases, including Fade to Black, Triple Play 97, NBA Live 96, and Theme Park. It’s possible that SH was scheduled for a long box release (and promo’ed as one) but was just tossed into the double jewel case lot at the 11th hour when the others were being re-printed.

So basically, everything comes down to the manual. Unless someone, somewhere, has a long box Space Hulk PSX manual, there is no real concrete evidence outside of the one encounter that we already have documented.

Auction Here – Note, the seller has told me that the BIN is pretty random and has much more realistic expectations.


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