Stuntman Ignition In Game Posters

According to the auction, these full theatrical-sized posters were made and sent to movie theatres to help promote Stuntman: Ignition. A series of them, each featuring the fictional movie titles featured in the video game storyline, were only sent as promotional materials and even the design team members were not able to gain a complete set.

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There’s also a Twin Galaxies event poster autographed Billy Mitchell. It is a never distributed poster from the 2009 Texas Pinball Festival. Only 20 of these were made and given out in the Twin Galaxies area where the Big Buck Safari contests were taking place. Only 16 of the 20 were given to the public. It’s autographed by gaming champion Billy Mitchell, Patrick Scott Patterson of Twin Galaxies, and Craig Hassell, the organizer of the annual North Texas event.

(Thanks Kelly!)

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