Super Famicom BS-X Sattelaview

Perhaps the most famous of Nintendo’s console addons next to the N64DD, the BS-X Sattelaview was a revolutionary device that supported game and content downloads in the pre-Internet world, much like Sega Channel. Unlike Sega’s cable-based strategy, however, Nintendo decided to take another option – sattelite transfer, via a now-defunct Japanese sattelite company named St. GIGA. For a fee each month and the cost of renting a St. GIGA dish, users could download games or even participate in games that featured real-time voice acting broadcasted by sattelite (due to the real-time nature of this voicework, however, these events were only available during certain times of the week). While the actual Sattelaview unit is now without the St. GIGA service it requires, many of the Sattelaview games (often with “BS” prefixes) have been dumped in a working form, and some enthusiastic emulator nuts have even gotten the Sattelaview BIOS to “download” these ROMs from a user’s hard drive. Comes with a yellowed Super Famicom that can be cleaned up with a bit of Retr0bright.

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