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Super Mario Bros. Chain Chomp Soccer Ball – Nintendo World Exclusive

The Chain Chomp soccer ball was only available at Nintendo World, NY and also as a contest prize through the now defunct Nintendo Power Magazine. They do show up a bit, but are hard to come by.

Auction Here


Snasm 2 Development System Catalog
BIOHAZARD 3 Hong Kong Comics Full Set Lot Limited Edition Promo Resident Evil – Incredibly rare comics that were only given out in Hong Kong. Some of the comics came with exclusive miniture figures such as character figures, mini weapons, etc.
Namco Bandai Ace Combat Shattered Skies XL Flight Jacket – Pretty neat Namco Ace Combat jacket.
New Sammy Studios Lethal Skies XL Flight Jacket – Similar as above except from the company “Sammy”.
Sega Amusements U.S.A. Banner – Nice SEGA banner.
Autographed Halo CQB Helmet, Bungie – Seller says: “This is a one of a kind Halo CQB Helmet Autographed by the entire Bungie Staff back in 2009. I can assure that this is one of a kind since David Weimert from Soaring Hammer is the maker of the helmet.”
Lot of Atari Merchandise, Jacket, Jersey, Shirt, Scarf, Mugs, Stickers, Tin – All the items seem to be mint, and for $10 you can’t complain!
Signed copy of SWAT 4 PC
BIOHAZARD Japan CAPCOM Summer Jam Promo Booklet Poster Flyer Pad Resident Evil
RESIDENT EVIL 2 Stickers PS1 PS One RARE Game Movie Promo Item Zombies LOT of 5
Resident Evil Limited Promo Umbrella G-virus Sample Test Tube Ballpen BIOHAZARD
Celebi event Pokemon distribution cartridge DS
Zoroark event Pokemon distribution cartridge DS
COOKING MAMA 4 Mitten OVEN MITT Glove E3 Game Promo NINTENDO 3DS Kitchen Magic
Akumajo Dracula Judgement + Cell + Figure + Guide Konami Nintendo Wii Japanese
Kingdom Hearts SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2012 Figure Set New Limited Edition
Mortal Kombat Action Figure Sub-Zero Liu Kang Smoke

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