Super Mario Cheez Whiz Jar

super mario cheez whiz jar This is possibly my all time favorite video game related merchandise item.

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See also:

Two Prototype Game Boy Games (Boxxle Thinking Rabbit & Burrai Super Fighter Deluxe)

prototype game boy games burai fighter and boxxle

NESS Boxed Caltron 6 In 1 ($$$)
Super Famicom Gold Cartridges ($$$)
Custom Airbrushed “Marilyn Monroe” Xbox 360 Faceplate (Not my thing, but it’s got a few bids in)
Framed Custom Painted NES Games (Final Fantasy 1 & Dragon Warrior)

Since Our Day 3 Contest is in full swing, I though I would reward those hardcore enough to participate by plugging their items. If you’re trying to win that win, post a link on the comments there and I’ll do the same. I need to end it relatively soon however, as it seems to be pushing the limits on our server.

Check out portnyds items to start with. Ignoring the random Disney items (unless that’s your thing), he’s got cheap and decent games for NES, SNES and other systems

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