Super Nintendo Nightmare Busters

Nightmare Busters is a cancelled SNES beat ‘em up from Arcade Zone (a french studio). When the game wasn’t published, the company closed down and cancelled their other projects. However, it was ported and eventually released in 2004 for cell phones as Flynn’s Adventure.

It has been dumped for some time now, and reproductions are widely available.

Aside from reproductions from the usual sources, there are a lot of these Super Famicom versions out there and they seem to have a very nice production value.

There is an auction for one here and the price is absolutely absurd.

The game is actually slated for a licensed release from Super Fighter team in the near future.


Zelda Skyward Sword Demo Version Not for Resale – If i remember correctly this actually came with a press kit and included a bunch of documents.
Super Mario 64 Factory Sealed VGA 95
Blizzard Starcraft 2 Tychus Findlay Marine Statue – Sideshow released this 18-inch tall statue of Terran Marine Tychus J. Findlay in 2007. However, this is an employee edition, numbered 353/550.

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