Super Star Fox Weekend Competition Tournament Marquee

Any real Star Fox fan knows about the Super Star Fox Weekend Competition Nintendo put together to promote Star Fox back in 1993. I spent a solid three days at the local video game store, playing as frequently as I could to get the best score. I ended up getting a TON of Star Fox pins and I got the best score for my location and I received a Star Fox flight jacket. Somehow my dad convinced an employee at the store to give me the marquee used to attract people to sign up. I sold the pins and jacket on eBay years ago, but for some reason never sold this. Well, now is the time to get rid of it! It’s probably the only one that still exists. A cool piece for any Star Fox fan.

Freshly listed, I don’t expect this to last long. At the $199.99 BIN OBO I actually thought about pulling the trigger myself.

Auction Here (Thanks Adam)

If you are unfamilair with the contest, you can check out this post for more infomation.


Star Fox Super Weekend Jacket

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