The Art of Mass Effect Universe

Mass Effect has become one of the biggest franchises in this console generation. It’s pretty amazing to see how this title evolved over the years. That stupid Fox News stunt from a few years back bashing the game is still fresh in my memory.

Developer Bioware is no stranger to publishing the art of Mass Effect to the public. The company has produced a few limited edition lithographs on their store over the past year. Some of these lithographs can go from $100-$350 depending on which ones. Commissioned by the developer itself, comic book publisher giant Dark Horse is releasing a 40 page hard-cover book of the entire franchise’s visual work to date. Die hard fans of the series can look forward to this book in February of 2012 for a retail price of $40.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to score the first Limited Collector’s Edition cheap – now is that time since it’s cheap before the 3rd game comes out 🙂 Trust me on this, it will shoot double or triple just like the first Bioshock Collector’s Edition for 360 when BS2 came out.

via Joystiq


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