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The Nerd Plays the Nintendo World Championship Cart

How’s everyone that’s not affected by the hurricane (Irene)? Here in NY, Ive been doin’ a lot of Netflix, a lot of Hulu, a few news syndication. I also watched a few Auction Hunters episodes on and I thought it was pretty weird to see Keith Apicary buy a restored Pac-Man (I think if you’re outside the U.S. you probably can’t watch the full episode. But hey, there’s always YouTube.

Anyways, You all know about the Nintendo World Championship carts. It’s been posted on here many many times and possibly one of the reasons you came to gameSniped in the first place thanks to an article done by our own Link a few years back. But here’s the Angry Video Game Nerd, a character played by James Rofle, drooling with envy over the gray and gold carts. I have a collection of a few thousand games and this is one of those grails that would probably never come my way unless I pay up a hefty dollar for it (I know Nicola owns one and the guys at videogamesnewyork here in NYC has one from the Florida winner).


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