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The Only 9 Video Game Websites You’ll Ever Need

What do your bookmarks look like? Well, if you’re anything like me, they’re anything but pretty. I’m one of those people who will bookmark any site that vaguely interest me –  without using categories or sub folders. It’s so bad, that every now and then I make a backup of all my bookmarks, throw them in a dated folder and start from scratch.

This time, I decided to do something different. I’m only bookmarking sites that I use. Intriguing concept isn’t it?

That said, here are the only video game related sites that are going to make into my bookmarks from now on.

*In no specific order*

9. Kongregate


Category: Online Flash Games

Now there’s thousands of online arcade and flash game portals online. What makes Kongregate different? Well, there are a lot of different factors, but only one that’s really important. The games are good. Now, that’s not to say there are no games on the site I haven’t liked, just I have never played any of the truly awful games that usually show up on other sites.

Here’s an expert from their FAQ that shows how this comes into play:

Additionally, if games receive an overall rating of 2.0 or less after a certain number of ratings, they will be “hidden” on the site. When a game is hidden, it will not appear in any of the lists (such as latest games or highest rated games). Hidden games are still on the site, however, and they can be reached manually by going directly to the URL, running a search for them, or following a link through someone’s profile (as either a favorite or as an uploaded game in the developer’s profile). Games also need a minimum rating of 3.0 to show up at all in the “highest rated” games list or on the front page under a specific category.

One of the other aspects of this site is a Challenge system, similar to XBOX Live Achievements. Not every game has them, but it’s a safe guarantee that the best games get them. It’s a great feature that keep you coming back to the site and also encourages you to play good games in a genre you might have skipped otherwise.

Lastly, it’s a site that shares their revenue with the games original creators.

This feature along with the massive growth, community and traffic the site has experienced in a year has got it a lot of attention in high tech investor circles. I expect the site to be sold to a larger company eventually, as it would make an excellent platform for pushing games out to mobile devices.

In the meantime, just enjoy the great games.

8. Kotaku


Category: News

Once again, there are thousands of sites in this category. Including lots of big names like JoyStiq, Destructiod and countless others.

So why Kotaku? Well, because they link to gameSniped so much.

Ok, so maybe that’s not the only reason. They frequently plug some auction they discover here at least once a month though, and that may make me biased.

Aside from that however, there are several reasons. First, the site is updated constantly. Check it several times throughout the day and you’re sure to find some new content.

Secondly, the content is interesting. Aside from a ton of original stuff, they have an interesting writing style that makes all those articles that are syndicated everywhere, more interesting. Wikipedia sums it up nicely: The website is often seen as an alternative for news and reviews to bigger, higher-profile sites such as IGN or GameSpot – it is seen as having a more casual, entertaining style and a less corporate attitude.

Plus they cover video game cakes.

7. gameFAQs


Category: Cheats

Once again, tons of choices for this one. Why GameFAQs? Well, I have been using this one since… I’m not sure. Forever possibly. Twelve years is forever right? Since 1996. Wow. That’s scary. Some time shortly after it started.

Either way, the user contributed aspect keeps it pretty well up to date and provide a lot of “mini guides” you might not find elsewhere. Just avoid the message boards.

6. DigitalPress


Category: Forums

I considered the Cheap Ass Gamer forums for a while, but I feel DigitalPress is more well rounded. If you want to talk retro games, or new releases you can do it here. News gets discussed, deals get linked to and prices get checked. It’s just a great all around forums to have a chat or find the info you need.

5. eBay


Category: Shopping

EB Games? Gamestop? Wal-Mart? No thanks. This choice is pretty explanatory. Any game you want, you’ll find it here.

4. 1-Up

Category: Reviews / Massive Portal

Ok, this one might seem a bit iffy given that the parent company is filing for bankruptcy at the moment. Thing is though, the reviews are good. I know everyone has their own favourites, but I find 1-Up manages to keep them interesting and more important, accurate. No reviewer grudges here and more importantly, no “paid” reviews.

3. GameFly

Categry: Game Rental

Here’s my deal: Where I live, I can’t rent games. The best I could do is rent some crappy Gamecube sports title, or a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the SNES. Yes, they still have SNES titles on the shelf. No, they won’t sell them to me – I ask ever damn time I’m in the shop.

However, even if there was a Blockbuster nearby, online rentals can’t be beat.

No late fees, huge selection.

Perfect for all you achievement whores.

2. Penny Arcade

penny arcade logo

Category: Video Game Comic

This was probably one of my hardest decisions, with the choices narrowed down to three. VGCats and Dueling Analogs.

I weighed the Penny Arcade charity Child’s Play into the equation and that pushed it over the top. PA is wittier, but I have to admit DA or VGC can be funnier at times however.

1. gameSniped

Category: Super Duper Awesome Blog

Sorry, I couldn’t resist adding us in here.


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