The Realm of Computer Games

This post is just a small sample of the different approaches to style that computer games pre-2000’s had compared to console games.

 The year is 1989, you walk into a store to buy some Nintendo games.  Across the shelves are hundreds of NES games, all in the same standardized packaging.  You head over towards the back of the store and you see the realm of PC gaming.  Here, you find oversized boxes with epic artwork, more mature content, and edgy delivery.

In this post I will be sharing a taste of the computer game culture that separated themselves from consoles, bringing creativity and edginess into a once “family-friendly” industry.

Shadow of the Beast CIB, Psygnosis big box



Flying Body Parts compilation DOS games 1990s – …gotta love the ’90s

Agony for Amiga CIB – another awesome Pygnosis piece

Ultrabots 1993 big box factory sealed – strange box design


Grim Fandango original promotional T-shirt



Day of the Tentacle triangular box CIB

Grim Fandango original big box CIB

Centauri Alliance Commodore 64 CIB

 Nintendo game on your computer, best of both worlds! 😉

Factory sealed Super C for Amiga – from the original programmer

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time original promotional t-shirt

Shadow of the Beast CIB, Psygnosis big box

Amiga controller, similar to NES

Hummer Off Road Racing DTV game wheel – You may wonder why I’m posting this, well inside this plug-n-play machine is essentially a Commodore 64!  Many people use these to make C64 laptops or other mods.


Enchanter by Infocom 1983

Softporn Adventure 1981 Sierra Online Systems

Wasteland for C64 – Cool vinyl-record-like packaging


…And that is a small taste of old computer gaming.  Of course, there is a lot missing, and these are just a few of the unusual games at auction right now.  Stay tuned for more!


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