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The Ultimate Nintendo World Championships 1990 Package

Gamemaster Howard of Nintendo Power fame has another auction up for grabs!

The Ultimate Nintendo World Championships 1990 Package

Welcome! – my name is Howard Phillips, also known as the (Nintendo) “Gamemaster”. 

NOTE: this not “just another NWC cart auction” ; )


In 1990 Nintendo put on a major national event-based promotion named the Nintendo PowerFest. The cornerstone of the PowerFest was the Nintendo World Championships. One of my responsibilities while at Nintendo was to help design the PowerFest and the Nintendo World Championships event including designing the NWC cartridge. In doing so I worked with Nintendo staff to select the games, determine the progression criteria, and establish the fixed time for the contest. You could say that I designed the NWC cartridge and therefore CART #0126 has unique value as a collector item.

This auction is your chance to own a unique piece of Nintendo history, each item is from my own personal collection.

NWC CART #0126

NWC CART #0126 is my personal copy of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships cartridge that I helped design and I used NWC CART #0126 for practice before press demonstrations, etc. Included with this NWC CART #0126 is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me.


This ALL ACCESS BADGE is one of only three worn by me during the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, allowing me full access to all areas of the event in each city that it was held. To my knowledge this item is very rare special in that my recollection is that event staff had STAFF badges and very few ALL ACCESS badges were printed and given to Event VIPs such as myself. When I arrived at each NWC event venue, I put the ALL ACCESS BADGE around my neck and went anywhere and everywhere I wanted. Included with this ALL ACCESS BADGE is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me.


This PRESS KIT is my personal copy used by me during the 1990 Nintendo PowerFest / Nintendo World Championships as a reference when speaking with the press, etc. I carried this PRESS KIT under my arm back and forth across the country to the many NWC event venues. The contents of the press kit are as follows;

1 Press Kit glossy folder
15 printed press releases
16 8×10 glossy photos
8 press clippings
1 Nintendo PowerFest 1990 brochure
1 Nintendo World Championships 1990 brochure

Included with this Nintendo PowerFest / Nintendo World Championships 1990 PRESS KIT is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me.


CART #0126 plays as I design it ; ) The housing has minor scuff marks and the label is in good condition but top edge has peeled up (a common sign of age).

This ALL ACCESS badge is in shiny unscuffed “like-new” condition.

This PRESS KIT is is worn on the edges due to use (I carried it to each NWC event) but the contents are in perfect condition except some small rust staining around the paper clips on the press releases and press clippings. The 8×10 pictures are in pristine “collector-quality” condition. The brochures are in very good condition having slight scuffing on the covers.

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