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Popcap Charity Auctions–Final Batch!

 Popcap games may be known to casual (and other) gamers as the makers of Bejeweled, Peggle, BookWorm and Plants Vs. Zombies among many others. While some may brush off these games as mere ‘pick up and play’ games, some actually tend to be quite in-depth. None of these series have a very strong merch base, so it is really exciting to see that Popcap is auctioning off some very nice looking one-Of-a-kind items relating to some of their most popular franchises. All proceeds are going in to benefit Starlight Children’s Foundation (In the US) and SpecialEffect (In the UK). Unfortunately, I bring this news to you as they wrap up their final week of auctions, but better late then never, right? I love the look of the Plants Vs. Zombies items, but I don’t think they will be in my budget! It’s nice to see some great items up for a fantastic game though, they’re just about to break 4 Million fans too (3,999,002 at the time of me writing this)! Here is a video PopCap posted with some of the items up for auction.

Plants Vs. Zombies Auctions
Bejeweled Auctions
Peggle Auctions
Popcap Games Personalized Sketch

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