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Too Much Neat Stuff

Nicola is going to have my head if I don’t start hooking all of you up with some of the awesome auctions gracing eBay this week.


First off, there’s a bunch of Sierra Babylon 5 UNRELEASED Promo Items. You don’t see very many PC related promos compared to console, so take advantage while you can. Still pretty cheap at $10.00.

Sierra Babylon 5


Here’s a JAPANESE DEBUGGING PLAYSTATION ONE. Gotta love the snazzy blue case, as well as the ability to play imports (and Protos).

PS1 Development Console

If you’d rather games than hardware, there are Six PlayStation 2 preview and debugging discs. The seller also has some PS1/2 Dev hardware, so check that out too.

PS2 Betas


How about a genesis Bubble & Squeak Proto?

Sega genesis Protos


There’s a game Boy Boxing Fever proto with no images and a very crappy description for a $100 starting bid……

However the seller does have decent feedback, AND they have a crapload of other rare stuff up. Lots of arcade boards, and more protos.

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