Top 10 Video Game Sales of 2010

2010 was a great year for collectors and lots of premium prices were paid for extremely rare and mint items.

Some of my observations for the year:

  • While VGA may or may not be a flop, it’s easy to see sealed collecting is getting more popular.
  • There’s more of a demand and emphasis being placed on extremely mint condition items, as many collects complete sets ad look for upgrades.
  • Homebrews and reproductions are also seeing their markets grow.

Some of my favorite sales and events from the year are below. They may not necessary be the rarest or most expensive per say, but the ones I feel deserve the most recognition.

1. Unreleased Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat (NES) – $2,626.76

This sale was noticeable for the fact the not only was it a prototype for an unreleased game, but one which had never been heard of, not even rumored to exist. It wasn’t an early build either, and the seller was under the impressions impression that it was complete and ready to be released.

Plus it’s Chuck Yeager. I played the hell out of Air Combat for the PC way back when. Also, I believe the winner bidder intends to do an eventual packaged physical release of this game as well.

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2. Earthbound Ruler – $776.47

I’ve said this many times before. Never underestimate the power of a popular franchise to boost the price of an item. Series like Metal Gear or Zelda have huge followings, and then there’s rabid Earthbound fans – who are in a league of their own. I know the seller too, so I can say with 100% certainly this got paid for.

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