Treasure Trove of lost King’s Field PlayStation Production Artwork

I love auctions like these. It is for a disc that contains nearly 5 gigs of production artwork for the King’s Field and King’s Field II PlayStation games. This is an archive of all the high-res production artwork and layouts for all of the packaging, advertisements, retailer data sheets, posters, strategy guides, disk labels, flyers, and more. There are numerous items that have never been seen by the public such as preliminary key art and logos, as well as data sheets given only to retailers.

These are the high-res files that would be used to print the materials from. These are QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. They are fully editable, high-res and print ready.

Some of the things in this archive include original source files for:

Original long box packaging
Alt long box packaging with callout for Phone card
Jewel case packaging
Game disk artwork
Data sheets for retailers (some depicting pre-production box art)
Instruction manuals
Ads and “advertorials”
High res key art with unused variations
Co-op advertising inserts (went in some EA games)
Promo video artwork
Maps (both raw “ram dumps” and textured game maps to go in the map book)
Trade show booth flyers
Raw text (may differ from final)
Internal memos/communication regarding artwork production

While something like this would be super cool to have, I’d definitely want to make sure this copy is unique and just a DVDR of some torrent that has been released somewhere.

Auction Here


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