VGA Graded NES Prototype – *SIGH*

First off, read my last post. It cover many things which are relevant here.

Anyways, a seller has listed a Super Mario / Duck Hunt / World Track Meet prototype for $200,000 and a GRADED NES Arcadia VI Prototype For $100,000.

Arcadia appears to be a crappy four game multi-cart.

This is obviously a cash grab based on the $55k Zelda Sale and it will be interesting to see if it works.

Here’s the thing though, VGA grading prototypes is the absolutely stupidest thing I have seen all year. How in god’s name are they authorities in prototypes?

Smart move for the seller as it adds authenticity to auction, but realistically, it makes no sense. To me, it shows VGA are all about the money and will grade basically anything, weather or not they are qualified to do so. Which in turn, (to me) calls into question everything they do.

Side note to seller: Where’s the Chuck Yeager reproduction?

I know many of you will have strong feelings about this one, but try to keep the comments a little more civil guys.


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