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World Of Nintendo 1989 Store Display Catalog

Talk about memories! I’ve never seen one of these catalogs nor have I ever been to a World of Nintendo store, but this has got to be most nostalgic piece of history for the NES era. The photos alone bring back a flood of memories for myself. Just think, if a store like this was found today untouched?

This was acquired directly from a former Nintendo employee and has never been offered for sale before. This was previously owned by the employee and subsequently purchased by me, there have been no other owners at this point. This is an original vintage catalog that was prepared by the vendor of Nintendo store displays. This catalog was assembled so that Nintendo employees could identify, order or assemble different store displays. Included are 100-125 pages of different displays and floor plans as well as 12 different photos of Nintendo marketing in 1989. This book was only available to employees of Nintendo and was used as reference for different displays. Never intended for sale.



Written by Bill

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