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XBOX 360 Consoles For Kids Charity Auction

To celebrate the sale of 1 million XBOX 360 consoles across Australia and New Zealand, Microsoft Australia is auctioning off one-of-a-kind consoles to raise funds for the David Peachey Foundation (helps out indigenous kids from rural and remote areas that excel or show potential in rugby). The systems feature custom airbrushed paint jobs of celebrities from TV, sports, music, radio and fashion. Some appear to be signed, but nothing makes mention of if they are actual signatures or not. Given that not all have signatures, I’m guessing the ones that do are real.

Currently up for grabs are Usain Bolt, Jamie Oliver, Mark Webber, Harry Kewell, Slash and Masterchef. Note that the last one is CHEF, not CHIEF. I spent several minutes trying to figure out how it was Halo related. *SIGH* This is actually the worst one too, as too me, it looks like a slapped on sticker. Although, the Sass and Bide one below is pretty fugly as well.

Previous sales include:
Sass and Bide (Sold for $308.90)
Elle MacPherson (Sold for $880.33)
Kim Kardashian (Sold for $1,910.41)
Jennifer Hawkins (Sold for $903.90)
Russell Crowe (Sold For $665.26)
Kelly Rowlands (Sold For $549.38)

Then there’s the two beasts.

Limited Edition Crystal Xbox 360
(Sold for $4,377.84)
Nothing sparkles quite like the ‘Crystal’ console boasting more than 10,000 semi-precious stones and valued at more than $1000.00 (AU). A one-of-a-kind design, this Xbox 360 Arcade console is set to be a showpiece for the most glamorous ‘bling’ living room.

Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 (Mentioned on gS previously and sold for $8,669.84)
Specially designed and built for the ‘Xbox 360 Konsole’s for Kids Charity Auction’, Oscar-winning, Richard Taylor and Weta Studios (NZ) produced a truly unique Halo Xbox 360 Arcade console inspired by the collectibles created for Halo 3. Featuring the iconic Master Chief figure propelling himself across the air and blasting through the console with his UNSC battle rifle, this is a must buy item for any Halo fan.

I do apologize for the massive amount of images, but I want copies of these achieved for future 360 collectors.

Speaking of which, 8 out of 9 of the sold so far consoles have gone to the same buyer. Cost? A whopping $20,641.69 AU, or $18,018.13. I knew there were 360 LE Hardware collectors out there somewhere, but it looks like this guy takes the cake. I’m going to see if he’d be interested in sharing some collection photos with us.


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