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XBOX 360 & Water-Cooled Playstation 3 Laptop Portables

There have been many 360 portables/laptops made since Ben Heck did the first one back in 2007, but for the most part they all have been remakes of that design. They all have been roughly the same size and required two power supplies while using a desktop monitor attached to a modded base.

According to the seller this is the first one that dosen’t require a seperate powe supply for the monitor. Also, the motherboard, dvd drive, and HDD are all 100% stock. The power for the 15″ Laptop LCD comes from a 12 volt pin in the Kinect port, so Kinect is not usable.

It has four usb ports, an RJ 45 for Ethernet, HDMI for external video, built in sound amp, headphone jack, IR, built in wifi and a 250GB HDD.

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The PS3 is a water-cooled PS3 in a portable form, fully equipped with its own reservoir, pump and radiator. That’s quite a feat. It’s a little to bulky for my tastes to really funtion as a portable, but the damn thing is water cooled. More of a “look how epic this is” mod in my mind as opposed to being functional.

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