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XBOX in a 1979 Millenium Falcon Star Wars Toy

I’m pretty sure this has sold before, at least once in 2005 and possibly since. I guess it’s just too awesome to hang onto.

This is a one of a kind custom Millenium Falcon toy ship, from 1979 when Star Wars very first came out!
The On/Off switch and Open/Close button are in the Cockpit as you can see, and the 4 controller ports are 2 on each side. The disc tray comes out the otherside, and the system has 6 fans with Blue LED lights, so it looks just like the real ship flying!

This is a custom job as I’ve said, you can rest assured you will be the only person out there with an XBOX in a 1979 Falcon! This is the perfect gaming system for any Star Wars collector or super fan! This system will never overheat and fail, you can clean it of dust easily at anytime, and you can fly it to Endor, or any other space moon you may desire. HyperDrive is fully functional for lightspeed travel between intergalactic star systems from one side of the galaxy to the other. Ship does not include any Droids of any kind.

Included is your choice of any four of the pictured XBOX controllers pictured, 3 are Wireless Logitech controllers, one is a Wireless Darth Vader special edition controller, and there are 2 Wired MadCatz controllers. You can have any 4 you like, all come with necessary receivers. Also included is a XBOX Live headset.

This thing is seriously an awesome piece of both gaming and Star Wars history. If you modified it and installed Emulators and expanded the memory, this thing could be the ultimate system!

Auction Here – Probally ended by the time you read this.


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