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Zelda Backpack & Mario Keyboard

Seller nightram has a few neat Nintendo items for sale over on Chase The Chuckwagon.

Mt favorite is the 1998 Ocarina of Time backpack. It’s a standard backpack upon first look, but the back pocket contains a raincoat that looks like Link’s tunic, and a yellow poncho that folds out to protect the backpack! I am really tempted to buy this, just so I can give the raincoat to my son in a few years.

There’s also a Super Mario / Yoshi keyboard which I’ve never seen before. Released in 1995, it includes:
– Sing-Along Karaoke with Microphone.
– 8 Background Rhythm with Speed Control
– Hottest Melody of “Super Mario Bros. 4”
– 15 Pre-Programmed Children Songs with Organ or Piano Effect.

The seller definitely should have uploaded a video of this thing in action, but without a doubt it does look pretty cool.


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