Zelda Weekend – I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I am back from a long vacation and sicknesses, so to celebrate here is my usual Zelda postings.

First off we have this already sold, but rare Nintendo Power promo shirt from the games Oracle of Ages and Seasons! Click here to see.

This banner of Ocarina of Time that I think is really unique and great for display from a store that I am not familiar with. 3 Days left!

Pottery Musical Flute? What the? The guy has a lot of great items, but what on earth? Link.

Missed out on buying some french stamps that had a limited run back in 2005 featuring many great characters from Zelda to Rayman? Well then here is your chance to get them! Makes me wish I bought loads of them. Check them here.

A very cool looking pencil case from a classic Zelda title. Little pricey though, but they don’t ever appear on ebay. A must have for any Zelda collection. See the pictures here.

Now lastly, a couple auctions as a reminder to do your homework first. The first being, a Cel art from Soul Caliber II. Here. It is NOT worth nearly that much by any means. It is worth around the $20 to $30 range. It is just a friendly reminder to always pay attention. I even have a misprint that didn’t go for that much.

The other auction is one of the coolest and most fun to collect, but not one bay. A full complete collection of all the unpainted bandai figures from the late 80s. Over 50 figures. Click here to see. I asked the seller that the lowest that they would sell it for was, and the response was $950. That is nearly 3 times it’s worth compared to looking on actualĂ‚ JapaneseĂ‚ auctions on other websites. Do your homework, and you will save your wallet.


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